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Elisium is a Polish semi-permanent manicure brand developed for self-confident women who appreciate beauty, the highest standards and professionalism. The idea to launch safe and innovative manicure products ideal for use in professional salons as well as for home-use was born in 2017 in the neighbourhood of Bielsko-Biała, in the south of Poland. The first products in our portfolio were FlexyGel and a palette of hybrid nail polish selected to suit all tastes and age groups. We’ve divided this palette into 17 colour-paradises. Each one of them fits different preferences and personality traits.

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nail polishes

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liquids and gels

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The main concept was to offer stylists the tools that would allow them to work faster and easier. We’ve managed to create highly efficient and inventive products at favourable prices. Our products enable to get semi-permanent manicure faster and cheaper. The selection of unique and trendy colours will definitely
meet your changing needs.


Flexy Gel

FlexyGel is a dense and flexible nail gel with just the perfect thickness level and no unpleasant odour. This innovative product locked in a small tube allows modelling without rush and it won’t harden before you cure it in a LED/UV lamp. When used together with reusable Quick Shape Nail Forms, getting the impeccable C-curve with a smooth line is a piece of cake and you’re ready to go out in to time.

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Diamond Powder
Nail System

Have you ever tried Dipping Powder? If you haven’t, its high time you give it a try! Innovative Diamond Powder Nail System offers lasting manicure – no UV/LED lamp needed!

Diamond Powder Nail System by Elisium is vegan and animal friendly – it has not been tested on animals! Diamond Powder Nail System is ideal for difficult or damaged nail plate. It allows building manicure with a very natural look in an easy and pleasant way.

Diamond Powder  Nail System by Elisium is vegan and animal friendly – it has not been tested on animals!


& effects

If you’re still learning how to make marvellous andunique nail art, Elisium comes to the rescue. How about stamps that allow to create 3D nail art?
3D UV Gel Stamping Plates by Elisium are the best hit! Let your imagination run wild and choose different patterns and designs offered by 6 plates and 14 colours of UV Stamping Gel. We guarantee a spectacular effect!

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