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About Section

The advanced nano-spray technology, enables Noxi Nano the immediate transport of nanoparticles and their penetration into deeper layers of the skin.

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• concentrated dose of ingredients
• higher amount of active ingredients compared to re-touch

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• less active ingredients compared to touch
• for use during the day to preserve the effect

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We live in times that are putting ever new challenges in front of us.
An intense lifestyle keeps us constantly on the move and requires multitasking. Work, home, children, the pursuit of a better life - these are only a few examples of activities that we try to combine in our everyday life. They lead to physical and mental fatigue, which also significantly affects the condition of our skin.

BALANCE restores skin balance. The combination of active ingredients calms it down and relaxes, also reducing redness. Thanks to the composition of extracts, it stimulates regeneration and has a soothing effect. In addition, it intensively moisturizes, improves the overall appearance of the skin and gives it a feeling of softness, making it silky to the touch.


It delivers a huge dose of „endorphins” to greyish and tired skin. It helps to bring out its radiant glow, restores elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Polynesian lagoon water refreshes and revitalizes the skin, making it full of energy.

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Like a touch of ice, it provides refreshment for tired skin. Based on the crystalclear water from the Icelandic glacier Ölfus spring makes the face look fresh and radiant even after yesterday’s celebrations.
It is perfect for travelling, especially when you suffer from jetlag.
It restores the energy and radiance of sleep-deprived skin.


A wonderful cocktail of active ingredients soothing the senses. It relaxes the skin, provides an experience that ensures excellent well-being every day, while creating a protective barrier against harmful blue light emissions from mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
The essence of dreams activating longevity genes™, perfectly
counteracts skin aging and the formation of wrinkles.

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A multi-purpose atomizer with a specially designed cartridge container allows you to spray the skin with well selected cosmetic products in the form of nanoparticles capable of penetrating deeper layers of your skin. Just replace your cartridge to enjoy exactly the moisturizing and nourishing effect your body needs right now. 

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